Doctors' Cooperative - Coomecipar Ltda.

Multi-platform backup and recovery system in virtual libraries with inline deduplication and compression using an EMC2 DATADOMAIN 160 system (Year 2014-2018)

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VSP G200 storage system on a mix of high performance and high capacity disks, connected to Cisco UCS servers and a VMWare environment (Year 2018)

National Tax Service

HUS-VM High End Enterprise Storage System Upgrade with New Generation FMD 4TB Flash Disks to enable Oracle Database Process Acceleration (Year 2016)

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HUS - 110 storage system of 25 TB distributed in high performance and high capacity disks with automatic Tiering (Year 2013)


Second Renewal of Preventive and Corrective Support Service for VSP High End Unified Storage System with SAN / NAS for Entel (Year 2018)


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