Today's data center activities are highly human-intensive, making it difficult for IT teams to move forward quickly enough to keep pace with changing business needs. In general, data centers, with infrastructure silos developed around specific technologies or applications, have limited agility.

Organizations face the challenge of keeping IT operating expenses stable, supporting a new class of cloud applications, navigating through complex infrastructures, and managing system maintenance or technology upgrades in an ever-evolving business environment.

IT executives need to find ways that a technology-accelerated business can succeed in tomorrow's world. To meet these challenges, IT requires an infrastructure cloud that provides continuous operation and allows for extending the physical boundaries of the data center and automating management.

The immediate availability of information plays a very important role in the core business of companies. To ensure this availability, ITC offers storage and virtualization solutions that allow companies to work on a dynamic technological infrastructure, with a high degree of automation, fast mobility and a high capacity to meet the variable demand according to the business. All this in a transparent, safe and without demand for resource management from end users.

Virtualization is the new methodology that allows to divide the resources of a computer in several services or independent instances, that is to say, to count on the availability of multiple virtual machines, creating different profiles of a same computer with diverse platforms, different configurations and independent characteristics by each virtual environment, to satisfy multiple needs with a single assigned hardware resource. All resources can be shared or restricted, so each virtual environment has its own configuration (RAM, CPU, H.DD, Network), operating system and independent applications.

All companies today face the need to consolidate their storage systems. Unified storage is the new solution to the problems of information management in companies, which facilitates direct management of information remotely, increasing the speed of operations up to ten times and supporting multiple protocols and media. At the same time, this type of architecture allows for the analysis and optimization of system performance by solving potential problems, even before they impact the business.

There is no need to make an investment of time and money before a user logs into their new solution. ITC helps you set up a consolidated and virtualized platform in hours, and it's only a matter of minutes before you have a new service.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by ITC's storage and virtualization solutions:


The proven use of network services makes it much easier and faster to integrate business applications no matter where you connect to your applications.

Access and reliability

The provision of services in "the cloud", as these solutions are known, makes it possible to provide services at a global level, guaranteeing 24 x 7 x 365 availability with high levels of fault tolerance and redundancy that are totally transparent to the end customer.


Consolidation allows information to be simply replicated for full or partial disaster recovery, minimizing end-user downtime in case of contingencies.

Cost Savings

Solutions that do not require large investments and at the same time have a considerable decrease in energy consumption are vital. Computing, memory, storage and communications technologies that are virtualized are presented as many virtual machines with formidable performance features, and low costs.

ITC has a wide and adaptable product portfolio for your needs; and delivers a solution that includes site adaptation, assembly, start-up, configuration and tuning of the solution in a turnkey format.

ITC also helps you define the capacity you need in your data center according to your needs and applications, and accompanies you in data center sizing with a tailored solution that meets both your technical and economic needs.

Financial Alternatives

Subscription Service

Turnkey solution delivered in an "On Premise" mode, in a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription format in advance for up to 3 years.


Turnkey CAPEX solution fully invoiced and financed according to ITC programme policies.


Turnkey OPEX solution delivered as a service for up to 3 years and then billed at the end in your last installment, if required (OPEX)


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