SOFTWARE: Contact Center

Contact center systems are often complex. They provide a wide range of business and communication functions and rely on multiple technology platforms, applications and integrated tools from multiple vendors, which can be poorly integrated. This problem can result in overlapping work and gaps in functionality, which will undoubtedly be detrimental to the business.

For many organizations, moving from a traditional contact center software, to one as a service, is what makes the difference. For this reason, the biggest advantage of virtual contact centers as a service (SaaS) is the ability to quickly adapt to dynamic changes in the environment.

The Contact Center tool is an Omni Channel Web platform, with integrated artificial intelligence, which allows to unify, control and enrich the communication experience with customers; it integrates telephony, digital channels, automation (Bots, Artificial Intelligence, IVR, CTI) and offers visibility of interactions with each customer through the different contact channels.

The Contact Center system offers you:

Web Administration

Non-technical users administer the platform by managing queues/skills, profiles, agents, pause reasons, tags, etc., via Web.

Agent Web Portal

Real-time performance metrics, login panel, logout, agent pauses and unpauses, incoming and outgoing calls panel.

Web Dialer (Automatic Dialer)

Automatic campaign management for calls, monitoring and access to reports in real time. Creation of survey campaigns or notifications, with call forwarding to a Call Center queue, an IVR or another platform (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel).

Online queue reports.

Total, abandoned and attended calls by date/time, agent and location, with service level, call cataloguing and export to excel.

Security Management

Handling of personalized profiles with hablitación or limitation to resources of the system, by means of user profiles.


Supply of SOAP/REST webservices for integration with the platform.

Call Center Control Panel

Real time control from a Web browser, of attention metrics by queue, agent activity and waiting customers. Customized alarms for supervisors (abandoned calls, unattended calls).

Digital Channels

Web administration, event logging, service level reports, online reports per agent, agent web portal, Whatsapp and Facebook chat tagging.

Call Recording and Listening

Recording and listening to incoming, outgoing and local calls and recording on demand.

Listening and Intrusion of Calls in Progress

Listen to what your agents are saying to your customers and talk to them while they are talking to the customer (the customer doesn't know).

IVR Web Designer with TTS Cloud Service

Graphic designer of flows such as IVR trees, surveys and customer data capture.


Attention system and welcome message with multilevel menu options.

The Contact Center is installed on a standard server and all its features are automatically available. In order to use it, it is only necessary to connect it to the Telephone Operators and Digital Channels.

ITC's Contact Center solution allows you to easily integrate your branch offices using the Internet or a communications network. Agents, supervisors or managers work from anywhere or geographically separated, via standard IP/analog phones, a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Among the main benefits, ITC's Contact Center solution offers you:

ITC Contact Center offers scalable custom solutions, starting from minimum configurations and basic plans to advanced configurations and high-powered corporate plans.

Financial Alternatives

Subscription Service

Turnkey solution delivered in an "On Premise" mode, in a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription format in advance for up to 3 years.


Turnkey CAPEX solution fully invoiced and financed according to ITC programme policies.


Turnkey OPEX solution delivered as a service for up to 3 years and then billed at the end in your last installment, if required (OPEX)


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