SECURITY: Surveillance and Control

Every day we use applications that improve their performance based on Artificial Intelligence such as predictive keyboards on the mobile phone or the Google search engine and in most cases we are not aware of it. It has been a while since Artificial Intelligence stopped being science fiction and became part of our daily lives.

In security, searching through large volumes of recorded video is a challenging but crucial task for security operators. We have reached a critical point where human attention limitations make it difficult for security operators to effectively search through volumes of surveillance data

One of the security solutions to which Artificial Intelligence offers the most possibilities and functionalities is video surveillance, since it dramatically increases the effectiveness of security systems by focusing human attention on what matters most. By offering real video content search, alerts and automation in real time.

In the past, video surveillance searches were conducted by camera, based on time, movement and activity. However, a person or object of interest may not be specific to a single camera, and their clothing or appearance may change over time, making it necessary for security operators to quickly and accurately search for all cameras in a location to locate what they are looking for.

Through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ITC management systems, this is possible. Advanced AI technology gives security operators the ability to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest throughout a site.

This enhanced search capability is designed to help improve response times by answering the who, what, where and when of critical action research.

All the security solutions are integrated with video analysis software with Artificial Intelligence and comprehensive management, and a host of functions are available for security and surveillance, access control, vehicle control and emergency.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence incorporated in ITC's security solutions, benefits that were previously difficult to achieve can now be realized, such as

Locating fugitives and stolen vehicles

Recognize vehicles by brand, model, color, and even detect if they are circulating, stopped, parking. They also allow facial recognition of all users. This system, connected to the police database, allows to locate in real time fugitives, stolen vehicles, detect traffic violations, reckless pedestrians, etc.

Detecting emergency situations

Detection of emergency situations autonomously, without the need for a guard behind the monitor. In the event of an incident, an aggression or a person fainting, the video surveillance cameras will be able to recognize this emergency by alerting the emergency services.

Avoiding false alarms

In the event that an anti-intrusion installation triggers an alarm by movement, it will not be necessary for an operator to perform the video verification, since the video surveillance system software itself will know how to distinguish between a false alarm and a real intrusion situation.

Anticipating crimes

Anticipating crimes before they happen is vital and key. Thanks to behaviour prediction, this visual intelligence, which works just like the human eye, is able to predict dangerous situations by analysing user behaviour. It can identify the presence of a weapon, a face hidden by a balaclava, an abandoned backpack and even by the movements of the individual, it can predict that he or she is going to commit a crime.

Quality control

It is becoming more and more common for large industries to use surveillance cameras for their quality control processes. The surveillance cameras together with a specific software allow to evaluate the processes, detect failures in real time, avoid bottlenecks etc.

Access Control

Today all companies and buildings require rigorous visitor control to keep guests safe inside. Performing a facial recognition before the entrance of a visit, allows the automated access system to validate or deny the entry without human intervention.

ITC's solutions are designed to leverage the benefits of networking technology and are designed and developed for open architectures, allowing management systems to be integrated with a variety of peripheral devices (cameras, sensors, peripheral and warning equipment) and third-party systems; providing unparalleled flexibility that allows the system to evolve and grow as your needs evolve

ITC's solutions in security systems, management systems, and artificial intelligence tools transform the needs of the applicant with robust, effective, unique solutions that are delivered in a turnkey format:

Centrally Managed Security Solution

Turnkey security solutions with unified management systems, which centrally manage different video surveillance devices, sensors and access controls; with license plate recognition, with evidence intelligence, analysis and alert systems for immediate decision making in control and monitoring centers.

Design and Implementation of Monitoring Centers and Control Rooms

Turnkey solution that includes Videowalls, mission critical equipment, furniture, Contact Center and Office software, video surveillance management platform, access control, badge recognition for government, security forces, municipalities, intelligent buildings, among others.

Access Control Systems

Systems integrated to the network through proximity and biometric devices that allow to keep record of every operation. Integration to facial recognition systems for identification of persons and validation of access based on their permits.


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