When continuity is needed for businesses that never stop, for business-critical workloads and for vital functions, ITC provides high-availability and mission-critical solutions to manage information processing and avoid negative impacts on your organization, ensuring business continuity.

ITC has very powerful, scalable servers with high reliability, availability, ease of maintenance, applicable to large companies and their billing systems, database, mail, data warehousing, data mining and other applications in mission-critical data centers.

A mission-critical server is an extremely powerful and easily scalable server, used in conjunction with mission-critical systems that cannot present a single point of failure, as the impact to the company is too great.

Servers are computers that perform complex functions ranging from sharing information and running computer applications with specific functions to consolidating multiple services. For Mission Critical applications, very powerful and scalable servers are required with high characteristics of Reliability, Availability, Availability & Serviceability (RAS).

Within the range of mission critical servers, we can find rack architectures that bring redundant hardware that eliminates the single point of failure that other servers have. ITC offers solutions that can be configured with 2 or more power sources, 2 or more processors, 2 or more disks, 2 or more fans, thus allowing always having a backup in case of failure of any of the components.

There is also architecture embedded within a chassis that provides them with power, ventilation and communication cards. Due to this type of architecture, the equipment can use a much smaller space than its counterpart in rack architecture.

By having high availability architecture, ITC's computing solutions ensure complete continuity of operation of the systems that the company is using, thus avoiding possible economic losses due to the non-operation of their tools, and providing:

High availability

Wide range of hardware and software solutions to ensure high levels of data availability and provide customized solutions to meet any requirement.

Great scalability

Growth on demand in processing and memory resources protecting the investment, selecting the application that best suits the performance, capacity and availability requirements.


Server Virtualization will allow you to get the most out of your purchased hardware, since you can purchase a fairly robust computer that is shared by more than one virtual server at the same time.


Ability to interoperate and integrate between servers and industry standard open storage systems

Cost Savings

Solutions that do not require large investments and at the same time have a considerable decrease in energy consumption are vital. Computing, memory, storage and communications technologies that are virtualized are presented as many virtual machines with formidable performance features, and low costs.

ITC has a wide and adaptable product portfolio for your needs; and delivers a solution that includes site adaptation, assembly, start-up, configuration and tuning of the solution in a turnkey format.

ITC helps you virtualize your platform with open solutions such as Open Stack, so you can deliver virtual resources (vCPU, vRAM, Hard Disk) to your organization quickly and efficiently.

ITC also helps you define the capacity you need in your data center according to your needs and applications, and accompanies you in data center sizing with a tailored solution that meets both your technical and economic needs.

Financial Alternatives

Subscription Service

Turnkey solution delivered in an "On Premise" mode, in a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription format in advance for up to 3 years.


Turnkey CAPEX solution fully invoiced and financed according to ITC programme policies.


Turnkey OPEX solution delivered as a service for up to 3 years and then billed at the end in your last installment, if required (OPEX)


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