Precision air conditioning and power backup systems are essential to ensure the right environment for electronic equipment. Unlike conventional "comfort" equipment designed for people and/or small equipment for your PC, the solutions offered by ITC, are prepared to maintain the temperature, optimal humidity and regulated energy required by electronic systems throughout the year.

The energy and air conditioning solutions have compact equipment for cellular telecommunications networks and nodes to larger systems for telecommunications switching centers, data processing rooms (Datacenter), internet nodes, clean rooms and electro medicine, airports, industry. These solutions are designed to combine the best performance in terms of efficiency and reliability with the lowest impact on the environment.

Every day the budgetary pressure towards the IT department in a company is greater, to do more with the same or less money. For the IT manager, it is more and more critical to achieve this in the infrastructure part due to the need of growth that the different companies have because of the existing competitiveness in the market. The CFO, on the other hand, does not know what is the expense in electricity for lighting and air conditioning use in the technological infrastructure; however, these expenses mean a high percentage of the operating budget.

ITC carries out engineering studies and reports on efficiency and economic feasibility. Each project begins with a detailed "Survey and Engineering" of current needs and continues with a "Sizing and Analysis" to determine future size and growth. All information collected is fed into 3D engineering simulators that allow the evaluation of electrical load, cooling and air flows, to determine the appropriate combination of equipment and technologies for a highly efficient operation, with green features and allowing the worlds of IT and Finance to finally achieve shared objectives.

Centralized Administration

ITC's Energy and Climate solutions for Datacenter contain advanced management, monitoring and administration systems, which provide the client with real-time information and early alerts, using the best techniques available in the market.

Cost Savings

Automated management enables efficient energy use that translates into significant cost savings. Precision air systems with well-defined hot and cold air corridors and the cold aisle insulation solution, available in ITC's portfolio, further optimizes the use of cooling capacity and provides even greater energy efficiency, delivering additional savings of up to 30% of the air entering the cold air room.

Savings in space and investment

Proper planning and sizing saves space and significantly reduces energy costs by up to 40%, as well as reducing investments in other equipment such as power generators, electrical wiring, etc.

ITC offers energy and climate solutions that are delivered with proper energy saving research and using current and clean technologies. These solutions are chosen and sized depending on the area to be cooled, computing capabilities, level of redundancy required and certification sought: 

Financial Alternatives

Subscription Service

Turnkey solution delivered in an "On Premise" mode, in a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription format in advance for up to 3 years.


Turnkey CAPEX solution fully invoiced and financed according to ITC programme policies.


Turnkey OPEX solution delivered as a service for up to 3 years and then billed at the end in your last installment, if required (OPEX)


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