Companies today are completely dependent on technology. This common denominator implies that technological solutions, hardware and software have become critical tools for the operation of the organization and its users. New trends along with the drastic increase in mobility and portability are impacting the effectiveness and productivity of organizations; and their employees need to be connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The rapid pace of change in technology linked to the difficulty that medium and large companies face in attracting, retaining, hiring and modifying their technical staff structures with the agility that technological changes require, forces them to take services and outsource support and consulting to third parties. This situation has become a common, intelligent and efficient way to be able to attend to these diverse technological needs with the speed that the market requires.

The professional services include the survey, implementation and commissioning of equipment, integration and unification of services in solutions and equipment of medium and high complexity, data migration, operating systems, consolidation of domains and servers, implementation of active directories and others.

These services also include support and restoration of critical equipment and systems at different levels and coverage with professional services, provided with the use of certified tools and processes, with local parts and spare parts and with internationally certified specialist engineers.

Due to the use and importance of the different technologies in a company, it is mandatory and vital to perform a proactive support and maintenance service that allows to keep and maintain a mission-critical equipment working properly; and in this way avoid possible inconveniences and health problems in the operational management of the business or the service provided to customers.

The right level of support, accurate professional services, process consulting, and the application of best practices bring vital benefits to a company:

ITC has an experienced and certified group of specialists and senior professionals with many years of experience in the IT industry, with multiple certifications in different technologies and business verticals, to perform consulting and support medium and large projects.

Our company helps you transform your business and make smart decisions by setting priorities, providing modernization initiatives that make your operations more agile, secure and efficient, and addressing the requirements of your most critical platforms.

Ask for information about the countless services available in the portfolio:

Design and Dimensioning

Custom design of the project with architectures, processes, policies and documentation. Weighing of the infrastructure so that it meets the functional needs and evolution of the company.

Implementation, Integration and Migration

Management that facilitates the completion of a project and leaves it ready for its initiation and implementation. Integration of multiple technologies, platforms and solutions of hardware, software and services; in a single final product. Data transfer at the level of computer equipment, storage, network equipment, databases and applications, in mission-critical scenarios.

Network Equipment Management

Configuration, fault, security, and cost management Design, planning, modification and expansion of large IP networks, IP-RAN, IP-NGN, MPLS.

Network Services (NOS)

Situation, analysis, performance, audit, recommendation and implementation of improvements in large IP networks, IP-RAN, IP-NGN, MPLS.

ITC offers you solutions tailored to your technical requirements, and provides you with financial alternatives with flexible payment plans, according to your needs and budget.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and recovery of mission-critical databases and applications (SAP, Oracle, ERPs, OSS/BSS) in on-premise or cloud format, of any size, to any local or cloud destination

Database Optimization

Advice on security, review, configuration, migration and tuning of database platforms. Enabling high availability, redundancy, backup and restore strategy in mission critical environments.


Support and maintenance of critical environments in 8x5 and 7x24x365 modes


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