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A datacenter (computer center, data processing center), is a critical facility used to house information systems and their associated components, such as telecommunications, mission-critical computing devices and storage systems. It includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant communications connections, environmental controls and other security devices.

ITC has an experienced and certified group of specialists in the design, dimensioning, construction and assembly of data processing centers under international standards and best practices in a turnkey modality, who assist

This product includes the survey and engineering of the current DPC or Desired Project, follows processes to ensure compliance with various construction standards, such as IBC2003 (Iron and Concrete Building), NFPA75 and EN1047-2 (Fire Resistant Walls and Doors), TIA/EIA 606 (Wiring Management), EN 61000-4-3 (Electromagnetic Field Protection), or EN-1047-2 (Room Enclosure).

ITC relies on the ANSI-EIA-TIA-94 standard at the design, construction and operation level, providing you with a ready-to-use solution.

Whether your intention is to build a new Data Centre or renovate an existing Data Centre that complies with international standards, ITC offers its Turnkey DataCentre solution.

Centralized administration

ITC's turnkey data center solutions contain advanced management systems, monitoring and administration at the level of energy, air conditioning, video, access, fully integrated, and that give the customer real-time information and early warnings, using the best techniques available in the market.

Design and construction under regulations

Design and Construction under standards: The benefits of a Data Processing Center that is built under standards, incorporating new technologies and following new trends, offers you multiple benefits:

Cost Savings

Automated management enables efficient energy use that translates into significant cost savings. Additionally, adequate planning and sizing translates into a reduction in unnecessary investments in equipment.

ITC can build an End-to-End Data Center in a turnkey format, which addresses a total requirement starting with consulting, design-build, implementation, operation, deployment of mission critical equipment (servers, storage, switches), operating systems and databases.

ITC can also implement stand-alone solutions within the client's Data Centre, in a turnkey format, to meet the needs of each organization in a timely manner. These solutions include

Energy and Climate Systems

Fire, Early Detection and Suppression

Access Control, Security and Integrated Video Surveillance

Wiring and Intelligent Networks (FTTx, FTTH, Patch View)

Networking and Communications

Mission Critical Servers

Storage and Virtualization (Cloud Computing)

Operating Systems (Oracle, Windows, Linux)

Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Enterprise DV)


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